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Special Educational Needs

When the Children and Families Bill became enacted in 2014 local authorities were required to publish and keep under review information for services that expect to be available for children and young people with SEND aged 0-25. The intention of this Local Offer is to improve choice and transparency for families. From the Local Offer, parents and carers will know what they can reasonably expect from their local area and it will be an important resource for professionals in understanding the range of services and provision in the local area.

1. What does your service do ?

What is the key purpose of your service and how does it contribute to better outcomes for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities and their families?
We provide a weekly One Step at a Time group for under 5’s with additional needs or disabilities and their families. This runs all year round and contains a sensory toy library.

What are the typical activities that you do?
We run termly Portage coffee mornings.
We support families with completing forms and various processes including applying for schools.
We provide information and advice.
We signpost to local groups and services.
We support with finding childcare.
We link closely with other agencies and local schools, nurseries and pre-schools.

Activities are very sensory and will include an element of Messy Play, interactive Story and Rhyme time as well as appropriate physical activities.

Other services include Stay and Play and Messy Play activities. Singing and Rhyme Time sessions. Breastfeeding Support. Child Health Drop in. Various courses including Every Child a Talker, Healthy Exercise and Nutrition for the Really Young and a monthly Dads group on a Saturday. Our current timetable is available here

Do you have any limitations on the amount of time your service will support a child or young person?
When working with a family in an Outreach role we will jointly write an action plan which is reviewed after 6 weeks. A new plan can then be written or the family may not require further outreach. However, we are always here to support the families.

Do you provide any on-going support?
Ongoing support can be through the Outreach programme. One Step at a Time sessions running all year through. We are always happy for people to drop in for help and advice.

2. Where is it located and what areas does it cover?

Where are your main locations and do you work across the whole local authority area?
Steppingstones Children’s Centre
Ifold Road
Phone: 01737 780255

We are happy for any family with a child under 5 yrs with an additional need (diagnosed or undiagnosed) living in Surrey to attend any of our services.

Are there any differences in your offer in different parts of the local authority area?
Our One Step at a Time group runs throughout the whole year, including school holidays. Parents and extended family members are welcome to attend even if the child is at nursery/school. We welcome older and younger siblings.

3. Who does your service provide for?

What types of need and age ranges do you cover?
Parents/carers must be present with the child. However, parents/carers are welcome to attend without the child. All needs are welcome. The child does not have to have a diagnosis. The group is for children under 5 years. Older siblings are welcome during the school holidays.

What are the eligibility criteria to use your service?
Families must live in Surrey and register with a Surrey Children’s Centre. There needs to be at least one child in the family aged under 5 but this does not need to be the child who has additional needs. Older and younger siblings are welcome. The child does not need to have a diagnosis.

Are there any types of disabilities that you do not provide for?
We are inclusive to all and will endeavour to make adjustments and adaptations to meet individual needs.

4. How can I start using the service?

I can make direct contact myself or would there need to be a referral from someone else and if so, who?
Please come along to the group or if you would like support to do this please telephone the centre on 01737 780255. You do not need a referral. To find days and times please look at our current timetable available here

Do you charge for the service and if so, what are the costs?
The service is free but donations welcome.

Are there any waiting lists and if so, how long are they?
There is no waiting list and you do not need to book. Please come along to the session. Days and times can be found in our current timetable available here

5. How are decisions made about who can use your service?

How are these decisions made and who makes them?
The Centre team, Local Advisory Board and school governors all decide who can use the One Step at a Time service and the other services provided by the Centre. Parent/carer and partnership agency feedback is also very important to us. We have a comment book at every session and run half termly parent forums. You are also very welcome to e-mail us your comments to
We have partnership agreements with many local partnership groups and are committed to working together to provide families with the best possible service.

How will I know the reasons behind their decisions?
Minutes of the Local Advisory Board can be made available if requested.

How will you help me understand them?
We are happy to talk through any questions you may have. Our programme provides a description of the services we offer as does our website

6. How do you communicate with service users and how are they involved in decision making/planning?

What are your usual methods of seeking the views of service users?
Our website lists all our services with an up to date electronic calendar of all the latest events and any closure days. Parent forums are held periodically.

What leaflets and information do you have?
We have literature and information covering a vast range of local activities, benefits advice, health information, festivals and cultural celebrations and much more.

How does the service communicate with parent carers whose first language is not English?
We have multi lingual signs in the Centre.

How will I know how well my child or young person is doing?
We are happy to speak with you regarding your child’s development. If we feel you need more specific advice we will with your permission refer you to the relevant agency.

Do you offer any parent training or learning events?
We provide a variety of courses for parents including Parenting Puzzle, Health Exercise and Nutrition for the Really Young (HENRY) and First Aid. We are always keen to hear of any courses you feel will be of benefit to you and your family.

7. Is your service fully accessible?

Is the building fully wheelchair accessible?
We are DDA compliant and will endeavour to make adjustments and adaptations to meet individual needs. Our building is fully wheelchair accessible. We have an accessible toilet and can support children with additional needs in all areas of the building.

How will my child or young person be able to access all of the activities of the service and how will you assist him or her to do so?
We will do our best to ensure your child is able to access all the activities we provide. We are very well resourced and happy to make adaptations where possible. Our highly qualified and experienced team will assist both you and your child.

8. What training are the staff supporting children and young people with SEND had or are having?

Are there any specialist staff?
Our staff are very well trained. One of our Outreach workers is a qualified primary school teacher, with many years’ experience of working with children with SEND. Other training undertaken includes language development, sensory needs, equality and diversity, sensory play and many more. We work closely with other agencies including the Portage service, Early Support team and CAMHS. The Centre Manager is ELKLAN trained as well as trained in Equality and Diversity.

9. Who can I contact for further information?

Who would be my first point of contact if I want to discuss something about my child/young person?
Ideally Health Visitor, GP, or Local Children’s Centre – please contact the Centre on 01737 780255 or for further information. We are happy to answer any questions.

Who else has a role in my child’s/young person support?
We work alongside many other agencies who will be available to support you and your child. Some of these include Portage, Early Support, Health Team, Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy.

Who can I talk to if I am worried?
If you are worried you may contact your GP, Health Visitor or your local Children’s Centre for advice.

Who should I contact if I am considering whether child/young person would benefit from the service?
If you are unsure if your child will benefit from the services we provide please contact us at the centre 01737 780255 or or feel free to pop in and have a chat.

Updated : 29/6/2016